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4 reasons why uK residents are tuning to solar

Millions of UK residents have already made the switch and are seeing the benefits


Save BIG

Solar can protect your household from price hikes, and in their lifetime (25 years) can save you up to £60,000.


Earn Money

Any energy generated that you don’t use can be sold directly back to the grid with no hassle. So not only can you save, you can also earn.


Local Suppliers

We promise to only work with the top suppliers, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing that products and installation will be from trusted partners.


Increase Value

Increase the value of your home by investing in the latest solar technology. Solar roof tiles are a smart and attractive solution to any home.

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Our Partner Reviews

See some of our excellent reviews from our partner installers

Peter Bayliss
Peter Bayliss
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I had Solar panels and battery installed by ESE in May. The whole installation process went smoothly and quickly. The install team explained everything very carefully and were really nice and friendly. First class professional service.
Emma Crook
Emma Crook
Read More
great company had anthony come to see me he couldn’t do enough solar and battery have been a life saver very happy
Mrs Flex
Mrs Flex
Read More
Invested in solar and battery with the ever increasing energy bills had a visit and had install 2 weeks later couldn't fault them all working great!
Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis
Read More
Great install. Very happy
David Wilson
David Wilson
Read More
Very helpful. Great customer service
Charlotte Sharpe
Charlotte Sharpe
Read More
Great service & team!

We work with 100s of installers across the uK

We have a huge network of UK installers, allowing us to get you the best price possible on everything solar!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a huge network of UK installers, allowing us to get you the best price possible on everything solar!

With a focus in the UK on moving away from fossil fuel heating and transitioning to more energy efficient systems, low-carbon heating alternatives are becoming commonplace. Solar panels meet this goal perfectly and are a great investment for a property if you have the right space on your roof.
The majority of heating systems in the home rely on burning fossil fuel or converting electricity into heat. Solar panels are a great option because they generate electricity for the home using daylight as the source, so are a low-carbon, renewable energy. Not only can the energy produced heat power your home, the excess can be stored in batteries for use later, or can even be sold back to the grid.
Our partners can get you fully installed within 2 weeks from when you first order your solar panels. These means you can see energy bill savings in your first month!
Solar PV panels consist of multiple cells made from semi conducting materials, which when light shines upon them, electricity is created. The electricity created is direct current (DC) so this is converted by an inverter to alternating current (AC) so it can be used in the homes. The electricity created can be used, stored in a battery, or exported to the grid. Solar panels can still generate on gloomy days and don’t need direct sunlight to work as they require light not direct sunlight in order to work. The brighter the light is, the higher the electricity output.